Welcome to NSFF - Notes Strong Foundation Framework

What is NSFF (Notes Strong Foundation Framework)?

Notes Strong Foundation Framework or NSFF in short is a framework for building Lotus Notes/Domino based applications.

What are the main design goals of NSFF?

  • Make your live as a Notes/Domino developer easier by providing robust, time-tested code that spares you reinventing the wheel each time

Why another Notes framework?

There are quite a few frameworks out there already. Each framework has it's pros and cons. NSFF doesn't claim to be the best or the one and only framework you should use. It has been developed over a number of years and is still evolving. It's based on practical experience and it has proven to be reusable in different applications, different contexts.

Should you use it?

Using a framework has pros and cons as you may already know. There is definitly a learning curve using any framework. However, once you are familiar with the framework basics you'll notice that the framework can actually save you time. NSFF will be open source so that there is no vendor lock in. You can always extend it, change it and of course contribute back to it.

What are some of the highlights of NSFF

  • 100% object oriented framework
  • Open Source
  • includes powerful error handling capabilities
  • includes logging capabilities (if you want to you can use it in combination with @TODO)